The Highlights

  • 3-night cruise on a traditional all-wooden Pinisi boat
  • Tropical climate and diverse nature
  • Remote islands
  • Snorkeling in the area with the largest marine biodiversity on Earth
  • Clothing-optional environment
  • Three meals served daily on-board with a revolving Juice-of-the-Day
  • Free-flow alcohol, massages, body shaving services, more

Day 1: Pulau Burung / Kelapa

In the morning of our departure, we’ll pick you up from your hotel and bring you to the harbor. After a refreshing welcome juice and an introduction to our five-man crew, you’ll explore our large all-wooden ship known as “Pinisi”. Made completely without nails in the traditional Bugis style, Pinisi are crafted on the southern part of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Their design has remained unchanged for over 1500 years, and in 2017, UNESCO designated these ships as an art of “Intangible Cultural Heritage.” Our captain and crew will set sail to our first destination, Pulau Buru, a small but stunning island with turquoise blue water and a white sand beach. En route to our night anchorage, we’ll stop to snorkel at Pulau Kelapa. Perhaps this is when you’ll choose to take advantage of our body hair shaving, or enjoy a complimentary massage.

Day 2: Kalong/ Flying Foxes

Amongst literally thousands of islands – Indonesia’s archipelago boasts nearly 17,000 pieces of land surrounded by water – many are uninhabited, and many are small. Pulau Siaba, Kelor, and Manjarite are a few of them – and they’re on today’s itinerary. This is the perfect place to enjoy swimming and snorkeling in tranquil waters. If you haven’t snorkeled before, it’s no problem… just let one of our staff take your hand. Later in the day we’ll anchor at Pulau Kalong Rinca, to watch thousands of flying foxes head out into the sunset. There’s nothing quite like seeing the largest bats on Earth, while enjoying a drink from our ship’s bar.

Day 3: Loh Baru/ Komodo Dragons

After an early morning start we’ll arrive at the ranger station of Loh Baru, where we will see the famous Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat. These other-worldly beings are truly amazing. And they’re endemic to the islands of Komodo, which were declared a World Heritage Site about thirty years ago. Easily the largest lizard on earth, Komodo Dragons can grow up to 10 feet. No one knows exactly why, yet almost everyone agrees: there’s nothing on the planet quite like them.
After a delicious and colorful lunch from our cook, we’ll enter a more isolated area – a perfect spot to shed your clothes with new friends. Alternatively, you can chill out and browse through a book from our library – or help the crew to sail the ship. It’s your experience, so do whatever you’d like.

Day 4: Labuan Bajo

After Breakfast we’ll arrive around 11:00 am in Labuan Bajo. It’ll be time to say goodbye to new friends – but we’ll have spectacular memories of our time here together.

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