I loved the interaction with everybody, and getting to know all the guys over the week. Some highlights for me were swimming with mantas, snorkeling, the sunsets… and the sunrises! 

Actually, this was a totally new type of experience for me. Although I went into it a little concerned, it actually ended up being fantastic. Beyond my expectations!

Bob, Berkeley, CA / USA

Awesome experience!  This was the best trip of my life!

Jens L., Rhineland, Germany

It was really nice to explore new lands… swimming in the seas, snorkeling, trekking… all together as one team on board the ship.

Taso, Istanbul, Turkey

It really was a blast!

Craig , Australia

If you’re too lazy to roll into the water, just sun-bake on the deck, naked or otherwise. Nobody will bother you, unless you wish to be bothered. What’s not to like?

TH, Melbourne, Australia

Awesome sail!

Traveling Travis, New York, NY / USA

The most memorable trip of my life.

Kevin L, USA