Day 1:

We’ll pick you up between 1 and 4pm from the Gran Canaria airport (airport code  “LPA”), or a hotel around Maspalomas, and bring you to The Naked Canary Island Villa. Settle into your room, unpack, and get naked. Later, we’ll take you on a tour through the mansion.

Our first day is chill – a chance to kick back in our funky accommodation, meet other guys, go for a swim, or even take a nap if you want. But don’t sleep too long – we’ve got welcome cocktails as the entire group meets for the first time, with a delicious dinner of both Spanish and international selections.

Day 2: 

There’s nothing better than waking up naked, walking around naked, and having breakfast naked. Today you’ll put your clothes on, but only for a short while – because you’ll likely shed them soon!

Our “Famous” activity this day is a blissful beach day, at the Gay Nude Beach. You can walk either clothed or naked to it. A LGBT rainbow flag will indicate that you’ve arrived. The backdrop is the dunes and the Canary mountains, and on the other side, the Atlantic Ocean. In between – right on the beach – there’s a kiosk where we can get cold drinks, cocktails, and beer. With smooth sand carried over by the trade winds from the Sahara, this beach feels perfect under foot. Spend the day around men enjoying the sun – some nude, others in skimpy speedos – all age groups and nationalities coming together.

Alternatively, adventure to our “Off-the-Beaten-Path” activity: Cruising in the Sand Dunes. The best cruising spot in Maspalomas is just a short walk from our villa. Cruising offers a different sort of bliss. Are you new to cruising? No problem, we’ll give you a short “course” in how to do it – including tips, signals, what to bring, and how to do it safely. Already passed “Cruising 101” and know what to do? No problem, we’ll just point you the way. Get ready for a hot time in the desert dunes!

In the evening we’ll head out to a groovy rooftop cocktail lounge for sundowners, while the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean. For dinner, we’ll be at an iconic seaside restaurant near the old Maspalomas lighthouse. Enjoy the tastes of classic Spanish paella, fresh salads, seafood, and grilled meats.

Famous: Gay Nude Beach of Maspalomas
Off-the-Beaten-Path: Cruising in the Sand Dunes

Day 3:

Drive an All-Terrain Vehicle (or ride alongside another man at the wheel) through a volcanic landscape. Explore the mountains of South Grand Canaria, guided by experienced drivers. It’s an off-road adventure with amazing views amidst mountanous terrain and rocky deserts. Safe, but moderately bumpy!

Or go off-the-beaten-path, and visit three villages, experiencing the local culture of the Canarians. Taste the island’s well-known cheese, meet a six generation perfume-making family, enjoy honey rum with the coveted Denominación Geográfica, and learn about the curious Dragon tree that “bleeds” red liquid when cut.

After a day out, it’s nice to come home and shed your clothes. Stay naked while dinner’s on the way from the local pizza shop.

This evening, be the big kid you know you are, as we head out for a night at a charming amusement park. Take a seat with a new buddy on the ferris wheel, ride the pirate ship together, and share some cotton candy. Or, release adrenaline (while holding each other) on the 900 meter roller coaster.

Famous: ATV Rides
Off-the-Beaten-Path: Cultural Village Tour

Day 4: 

Your day’s wide open, starting with a slow pace from the morning – or whenever you choose to wake. Lounge in the pool… read a few pages from a book… snuggle naked with someone… and play nude billiards with new buddies. Or, have some fun in the nearby dunes, cruising for other kinds of friends: F-buddies. A day as wide open as you are, doing whatever you want.

Dinner at Yumbo Centrum. A simple idea of an outdoor mall has, in the last few decades, turned into the largest LGBTQ shopping center in the world. It’s definitely worth a visit. We’ll enjoy a relaxed dinner here.

Head back to our mansion if you want a quiet night, or stay on at Yumbo for an over-the-top Maspalomas scene. Situated on multiple floors, there’s over 200 shops, drag queen shows, gay bars, cruising places, and sex clubs. Plus heaps of hot guys walking around in various states of undress. It’s sexy and it’s Spanish, so be ready for a late night out!

Day 5: 

Try our “Famous” activity this day: ride a camel in the dunes. Your camel will be part of a caravan, also known as a camel train.  Led by an experienced “camel driver” (that’s actually what they’re called!), you’ll get the feel of the desert in a most extraordinary way. Fun facts about these animals: they’re born without humps, they can live to 50 years, and they don’t actually store water in their humps. You can learn even more about camels, when you ride one across the Sahara-like sands of Gran Canaria.

Alternatively, go “Off-the-Beaten-Path” into the ocean, with our Submarine Descent! Enter the sub and head down to see a shipwreck, other ruins of the sea, and tremendous schools of fish. This submarine features large windows for viewing, so you can watch 25 meters go by as the vessel descends and resurfaces. 

This evening, we’ll enjoy a BBQ at the villa. Feast on a mix of grilled meats and salads, and afterwards bond with other guys at our trademark Naked Villa Party – a mid-week event complete with music, drinks, and connection.

Everything To Sea’s all-male naked pool parties aren’t famous, but they do result in lasting memories. And why not? They always take place in a beautiful villa, take place on a balmy night, and have a unique combination: men au naturel, camaraderie, great music, and sexy vibes. We’ve thrown pool parties many times, and they’re always, um, raging successes. 

What makes them so special? Perhaps the better question to ask is, What actually happens at these parties? Well… these private gatherings vary as much with the activities, as with the men who attend. Sometimes there are naked games. Other times, nude local guys are brought in. Sometimes there’s body painting. And sometimes, a few friends from the island join us. Always, there’s time at the pool… and delicious cocktails. With our events, you can definitely expect Everything To SEE, including lots of cocks – and tails!

Famous: Camel Rides in the Dunes
Off-the-Beaten-Path: Submarine Descent

Day 6: 

Visit a small authentic village with cave communities dating back to 500 AD. See centuries-old murals, and learn about people living in the Canary Islands almost 1,000 years before the Spaniards. The archeological remains of the indigenous village of Cueva Pintada can be admired from a walkway surrounding those structures preserved, so you can see the detail of the houses and indigenous caves. Did you know these early inhabitants revered the sun and the stars? They made paintings depicting a 12 section calendar, with different geometric shapes. If you like archeology, you’ll love this…

Alternatively, go “Off-the-beaten-path” with a nude hike for a true naturist experience. Whether you like being naked in public, or like being naked in nature, Spain has a refreshingly liberal approach to nudity. We’ll trek together through tropical forests in the Canary mountains. Amidst green jungle and small waterfalls, we’re really “desnudo en la naturaleza.”

In the evening, we’ll head to what’s considered one of the most beautiful places in the islands, and feel the Canarian vibe – watching the sun set over the dunes. It will not disappoint. 

As we continue on for a farewell dinner at one of the island’s best steakhouses, we’ll keep the party going with good food and drink, and great company.

Famous: Archeological Cave
Off-the-Beaten-Path: Nude Hike

Day 7:

On our last morning together, we’ll continue to take it slow. A leisurely morning, with another delicious breakfast compiled by naked men. There will be plenty of time to swim in the pool or exchange contacts with new friends. 

As you get ready for your upcoming journey – wherever that will be – we’ll make sure you’re prepared for your next steps.

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