Everything to Sea’s mission is to organize the best possible clothing-optional adventures for men. Our vision is to be the preferred LGBT travel operator for clothing-optional experiences.

The company is a small 10 man team from various parts of the world working together to give men – no matter gay, bi, straight or curious – a chance to experience a relaxed judgment-free atmosphere, while experiencing breathtaking locations around the world.


We’re seeking agencies like yours to promote our trips, and are paying a 10% commission on sales.  Simply put, a trip for two guys who seek a reserved room would result in $507 to your travel agency:

$2,190 (one passage) + $2,190 (one passage) + $690 reserved room = $5,070.  10% = $507

Our trips enhance the scope of your travel agency offerings.  They cater to several niche markets: Small Group, Sailing Enthusiasts, Clothing-Optional Seekers, Nudists, All-Male, Gay/Bisexual/Curious Men, and those seeking Exotic Destinations. Run in a professional yet relaxed manner, they’re unusual, fun, and confidence-building.  They’re lucrative – and perhaps best of all – they’re an easy sell.
How does it work?
Getting on board is simple:

  1. Register your agency
  2. Receive your Travel Agent Code via email
  3. Start marketing the trips. For this you can choose from our marketing materials or create your own
  4. You may opt to add your agency logo on our materials
  5. Once your client decides to book, use the Travel Agent Code, to get the agency discount
  6. Make the payment using your credit card
  7. Once the booking is complete, both you and your client will receive emails pertinent to the trip

We take good care of our travel agencies and want to help them reach their goals. If you need photos, videos, texts, info, incentives or anything else to market the trips, we’re here to help. Simply write to Hello@EverythingToSea.com for support.


Just email us at hello@EverythingToSea.com

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