We have quiet and secluded areas where groups can spend time. This can be as many hours as desired in a day – or even at night. The content of what’s done there is up to the group, and the experience can be customized with activities or discussions. We can bring in as many aspects of our regular naked trip activities as the Group Organizer desires, so the schedule can be a true mix of experiences.

We do not supply instructors, leaders, coaches, or guides… often, it’s the Group Organizer who operates as such. Our Group Leaders accompany the voyage and are there to support the Group Organizer with the experience.

On our trips, your travelers can fully immerse themselves: in nature, in quality of experience, and in your group’s focus. They can expect great weather combined with spectacular sights. It’s a naked all-male, small group experience with like-minded men.  And as for you? You can anticipate delicious meals and drinks that take you away from your home environment, into a paradise which is as relaxing as it is inspiring.

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