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One of the most advanced (yet hugely popular) BDSM tools is the St. Andrews cross. And even though it might seem very intimidating to some, it can be a widely fun piece of kink equipment. Here, we will look at its unique history, explore essential BDSM safety steps, and introduce you to some exciting ways to use this tool to take your spicy experiences to the next level.

Whether you are a seasoned kink practitioner or just a beginner, this reading has something for everyone. Read on to discover all about the St. Andrews cross and how to play safely and sensually with it.

What is a BDSM Cross?

The design of the St. Andrew’s Cross is a pretty perfect match for BDSM activities. It’s super sturdy, so it can hold someone’s arms and legs securely, spreading them out in a way that’s both a bit vulnerable but totally agreed upon.

This setup is great for all sorts of fun, from playing with different sensations to a little impact play to experimenting with who’s in charge. Plus, you can upgrade the cross with all kinds of extras like cuffs, ropes, or chains, making it even more versatile and exciting for everyone involved. It’s this kind of flexibility that really makes the St. Andrew’s Cross a hit in BDSM spaces.


Other Names

They are also called an X-cross, X-frame, or saltire cross. There’s no difference in the design, just what people prefer to call it.



Why Saint Andrew?

Originally, the St. Andrew’s Cross represented sacrifice and humility. Saint Andrew, feeling unworthy of a crucifixion similar to Christ’s, chose an X-shaped cross for his execution in Patras, Greece. This emblem of martyrdom later became Scotland’s national symbol, encapsulating themes of endurance and the link between enduring hardship and achieving victory.

Fast forward to more recent times, it crossed over into the BDSM scene. But the “how” remains a mystery – like half of its pages were ripped out of a historical novel. No one can say exactly how or when it started, but by the time the 20th century set in, this symbol for ancient sacrifice had begun appearing in all sorts of kinky places. It became a fixture in the BDSM world and changed from a super-secretive underground rendezvous to something far more open and accepting.

The X-shaped cross had utility far beyond its religious significance. It was a practical, down-to-earth form for farm or animal barricades. This design gave farmers easy access while maintaining robust barriers. The X-structure, by virtue of its shape, offered stability and strength, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use and durability.


How to Play With a BDSM Cross

These ideas can help you customize and enhance your BDSM cross experiences even more, making each session unique and tailored to the desires and limits of everyone involved.

  • Choosing Position: Think about whether you wanna have your partner face you or away. Each option sets a different vibe and dynamic for what’s about to go down.

  • Handcuffs and Ropes: Get those wrists and ankles secured. You can go with classic leather cuffs or maybe try out some shibari ropes for a more exotic touch. Just make sure they’re snug but comfy.

  • Ropes for More Than Just Tying: Speaking of ropes, they’re not just for restraining people. There have been some wild scenes where people used them in all sorts of ways, like for an erotic exorcism. Now that’s gotta be a wild night!

  • Get Your Imagination Going: You could edge them, tickle them, or maybe even go all out with some impact play. Or a sensual massage sounds nice too. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility, especially when it comes to stuff like water bondage.

  • Tech Meets Kink: App-controlled sex toys can take things to the next level. You can control the rhythm and intensity from your phone. Yummy.

  • Hands-Free Fun: Don’t forget about wearable sex toys. They stay in place, leaving your hands free to explore other areas or just enjoy the show.

  • Spinning Crosses: It’s like having a rotating stage for your play. It gives you all sorts of new angles and possibilities to experiment with.

  • Temperature Play: You can spice things up by using warm wax or ice cubes on your partner. The contrast between the heat and cold can be super thrilling, especially when they’re restrained and immersed in the experience.

  • Sensory Deprivation: To heighten the senses, try using blindfolds or headphones with a custom playlist. This will make them focus more on the sensations.

  • Feather Teasing: Use feathers or soft items to gently brush against their skin. This light touch can be super stimulating, especially when it’s mixed with more intense sensations.

  • Dirty Talk: Chat dirty or give commands during the scene. The psychological aspect of being restrained on the cross and hearing dominating or teasing words can be a huge turn-on.

  • Mirror Action: If they’re facing away from you, put a mirror in front of them so they can watch what’s going on and see your reactions.

  • Aftercare Stations: Set up a cozy area nearby where they can relax and unwind after the fun. Seeing this area reminds them that you’ll take care of them after the session, giving them some psychological comfort.

  • Scented Atmosphere: Use candles or essential oil diffusers to create various atmospheres with different scents. It’s a great way to set the mood.


Before the Scene: The Essential Conversation

It’s crucial to have an honest conversation about what you both want to try with the St. Andrew’s Cross. This talk is the foundation of trust and makes sure everything
is enjoyable and consensual for everyone involved.

  • Talk about desires and boundaries: Get everything out in the open. What are you both excited about and what limits are there? This clarity sets the stage for an experience that’s both thrilling and respectful.

  • Pick safe words: Choose words that are clear and easy to remember. It’s like a parachute you hope you don’t need, but if you do, you’ll be glad you have it.

  • Prepare for emergencies: Keep cutting tools within easy reach. If you need to get out of something quick, you’ll want a way to do it safely and fast.

  • Check restraints: Make sure everything feels secure without being too tight and cutting off circulation. Comfort is key to feeling free and fully enjoying the experience.

  • Pay attention to each other: It’s important to keep an eye on how the other person is feeling. It’s not just about safety, it’s about connection and having fun together.

  • Remember roles aren’t everything: Both Doms and subs should feel comfortable and in the zone during the scene. It’s okay to use a safe word from any role.

  • Take care of each other after: Give yourselves some TLC after things cool down. That might mean using lotions or just chillin’ and talkin’.

  • Reflect on what went down: Talk about what you liked and what could be better for next time. This feedback loop is important for growing together in your BDSM journey.

  • Learn more about aftercare: There’s a lot to know about aftercare, so check out resources that dive deeper into how to take care of each other after playtime. This article has plenty of information (click on link).

It’s all about finding the right balance

between excitement and caring for each other. It’s about having fun and respecting each other’s limits and desires. This mix of thrills and empathy is what makes BDSM so unique and fulfilling. Here’s to embarking on this journey with open hearts and minds, ready to discover new heights of pleasure and connection!


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