Is getting naked a fun thing for you? Does it make you feel more free? Do you like not having the feeling of clothes against your skin? What if a naturist lifestyle is actually healthy? Check out this article called “10 Health Benefits to Going Nude”, as seen on The Luxury Spot:

Turns out it’s great to be naked! Who doesn’t love being naked? Whether you’re naked in bed, in the shower, with your significant other, around the house, or even at a nude beach, there’s something wonderfully relaxing about taking off all your clothes! Turns out, there are a lot of health benefits as well:

  1. Prevent Infections —  When you spend a lot of time in clothing, you tend to sweat a lot. Sweat breeds bacteria, increasing your risk of bacterial infections. By spending more time in the buff, you allow your body to air out–thereby reducing your risk of infections forming.
  2. Get More Vitamin D — The sun is the best source of Vitamin D, and what better way to get lots of sunlight than by allowing your entire body to soak it up? You’ll find that being naked outside will help you to get more Vitamin D, which will improve skin, bone, and organ health.
  3. Reduces Toxins –– Sweat eliminates a lot of toxins from your skin, but when you wear clothing, they soak up the toxins and allow your skin to reabsorb them. Those toxins can cause skin problems, but being naked will give your skin a chance to eliminate them for good!
  4. Improves Fertility –– You don’t just LOOK better when you walk around naked, but for men, it can be a way to improve their fertility. Clothes that are tight around the groin region can constrict blood flow to the genitalia, reducing both sperm quality and count and increasing your risk of fertility issues.