We recently were buzzing around Quora.com killing some time, and found this lightbulb joke (we love lightbulb jokes!)

Q: How many Freudian psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Two. One to change the bulb and one to hold the penis… we mean ladder.

Five years into running an all-male, clothing-optional travel company, we’ve become a Sigmund Freud in our own right, a father of the male traveler ‘psyche-analysis’. While we’re all about embracing diversity and against stuffing people in boxes, we’ve noticed a pattern. 

“It’s the diversity of men that makes for a truly epic journey,” says Everything To Sea’s Co-founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, Dave.

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“We’ve tried analyzing the demographics of our travelers, to find commonalities. We see men of all nationalities, orientations, socio-cultural backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes join our trips. In the end, it made the most sense for us to think of male travelers in terms of their interests.”

And from that, we concluded there are five types of male travelers. Regardless of type, they have one thing in common — they’re finding bliss in their own ways. We’d like to present the five types of men who travel with Everything to Sea. Which one describes you?

The Man Who Just Wants To Relax

There’s nothing better than reclining on a vessel at sea, upon waters only rivaled in their azure blueness by the clear skies above or lounging by the cool pool of our naked villas. Far from the worries of everyday life, guys can turn off their phones and simply be.

We have everything covered for the type of man who just wants to chill and check out. This kind of traveler loves hanging out – chatting with other travelers, sunning on the roof deck, or flipping through a book from the Everything To Sea library. But most of all, he embraces the opportunity to do nothing. When he travels, productivity is low on his list. He’s a true seeker of coveted Time Off.

The Man-Who-Just-Wants-To-Relax finds that when everything is included, it’s the epitome of ideal travel. When things are taken care of, this traveler is at his best. Whether on land or at sea, he appreciates an efficient crew, and he loves the simplicity of not having to make a single decision – aside from what time he wants his massage. Speaking of bodywork… our trips include massages at no additional cost. In fact, everything is included – even a 24-hour open bar, throughout the trip. Imagine bottomless wine with a sunset view!

The Nudism Newbie

Another kind of male traveler is the one who is curious about nudism, but hasn’t really explored it. Our clothing-optional trips provide a body-positive space to dip one’s toes into the waters of nudism – pun intended. When we say clothing is optional, we mean it! With our trips, there’s no pressure to get naked.

We’ve seen nudist newbies of all kinds. Some take to nudism effortlessly. But there are others who may be comfortable shedding their shorts, but still want to keep shirts on. Some guys will take off their shirts – showing chest and stomach – while keeping underwear or bathing suits on. Different men have different parts of their bodies that they’re more or less comfortable baring. We know that it varies, and we allow each man to go at his own pace.

For some newbie nudists, there may be confusion about what it means to get an erection while naked in a group. Some might feel shame or embarrassment. Others might get excited about it – or see it as fun, or even funny. Regardless, our approach to this, as well as other aspects for nudist newbies, is all-accepting. You’re absolutely safe with us to comfortably explore nudity.

Being naked can be extremely empowering, and the opportunity often comes with a welcome boost to self-confidence. Whatever you choose, our Group Leaders will help support you on your journey.

The Seasoned Nudist

Then there’s the guy who’s just dying to shed his clothes. It’s not his first time at the rodeo. He believes in our motto, “The Future Is Naked” – and the past and present, for that matter!

Some guys may already be accustomed to the freeing aspects of nudism, but on an Everything To Sea trip, they can still find things to try for the first time. Hanging out (literally) on a naked boat or taking a nude hike on land, they may have a new sense of elation. We also have a variety of fun activities with a naked spin to them, such as Twister games in the nude, snorkeling sans suits, and naked dining – and these men thrive in all of these scenarios. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of space, as our boats and villas are spacious, allowing room to wander freely, whilst letting it all hang out.

The Nature Lover

This guy gets off on nature – rushing to explore as much of it as he can in the most exotic corners of the world. For this man, exploring in an unpopulated corner of the globe is his main reason to join an Everything to Sea trip.

Our trips boast truly unique activities designed to make the most of the locations we visit. Group Leaders will take you through hidden worlds. Perhaps you’ll be hiking through lush rainforests, seeing unusual trees, hearing tropical birds, and getting refreshed in clear sparkling waterfalls. Or maybe you’ll be snorkeling amongst aquatic life, seeing vividly colored fish, large sea turtles, and gliding peaceful manta rays.

It’s not unusual to find that this guy has long wanted to see Komodo dragons in their native habitat. From a safe distance, of course! (We’d never do it without a trained ranger accompanying). He’s also the one most excited when spotting a lionfish while snorkeling, or seeing rehabilitated elephants on land, or flying foxes soaring overhead at sunset. 

And it’s not just the fauna. This traveler loves to explore beaches, and he’s rewarded with ones on our itineraries that have different hued sands – not only black sand of lava origin, but also pink beaches made from red coral. And he loves the idea of swimming through a hidden stalactite-filled cave, or walking amongst terraced rice fields.

Lovers of nature will be left with the kind of snapshot memories which last a lifetime. And this kind of guy may even bring an underwater camera of his own – we also bring one, for those who want proof that they were there, too!

The Sensual Man

For this man, sex is not the enemy! In fact, it happens to be his best friend (after his right hand, of course). Where The Nature Lover gets off on nature, The Sex-Positive Man gets off on getting off. He’s a pleasure-seeker. Sexually open, he’s happy to find shared physical experiences with like-minded individuals. Maybe he even fantasizes about a holiday fling on a beautiful vessel at sea… or from a mansion’s bedroom overlooking gorgeous gardens.

Many people who join our trips are single, and this opens the possibility for connections of all sorts. Everything To Sea supports these freedoms and offers the options of either shared or private cabins or villa rooms, for those wishing to get some alone time with that certain someone. Whatever floats your boat! (yes, that one was way too easy…)

After we identified these five kinds of men who travel, we noticed that many men actually fit into more than one category of traveler — just like people don’t always fit neatly into boxes.

We realized another thing, too. There’s a common denominator for virtually all our travelers: they enjoy being around other men. Sometimes it’s roaming around the countryside; sometimes it’s sailing in the buff with a small group of 12 guys. Other times it’s going on Your Private Journey (our company’s unique product, where one male traveler cruises with just Max and Dave – three men, all together). Regardless, we find that the guys who come on our trips are ultimately here to enjoy the company of other like-minded travelers.

How would you describe yourself? Are you one kind of traveler? Are you a combination? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Parts of this post originally appeared on the blog “Two Bad Tourists.” It has been updated for relevancy.

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