We recently came across this post from a blog titled, “Buying Time: An Exciting Adventure in Early Retirement.” It’s a vulnerable and personal story from a young retiree named Max, who’s made himself a beautiful nude life, alone in the countryside. The post covers his struggle with loneliness, as he has chosen nudism without the support of his friends and community. We occasionally hear these kinds of stories, and that’s why we feel it’s so important to provide a safe space for men to be nude together. If you relate to any of his experiences, let us know in the Comment section.

Hey everyone. I just needed someone to talk to about this. I think I may be addicted to nudism. No. I’m definitely addicted to nudism. My whole life revolves around it to the point where I’ve shut everyone else out. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. I’m happy and healthy. At least I feel that way.

Ever since I was a kid, my greatest desire was just to be clothes-free at all times. I even drew a map of the future nudist-resort I would build when I grew up. I swam naked in the pool at night, was naked in my room, and around the house when nobody was home.

Living in central Texas where it’s just too damn hot to wear clothing, I suffered daily wearing my monkey suit when I went to work every day and when I spent time with others. The first thing I did when I got home was strip down and feel the ultimate comfort of being naked. I did my best to make my back yard as private as possible and was naked outside most of the time.

I was a member of a local nudist club for many decades. The club was comprised mostly of older people, so even though they were wonderful people, I was still disappointed because all we did was swim, sit around and eat. I wanted to go places and do things but nobody was interested. I was still alone in a crowd.

I made it a point to make sure my friends knew I was a nudist, desperately hoping that at least one of them would join me in being awesome. Nobody took me up on it. I was still all alone.

When I reached 50, my obsession with naturism had kept me lonely for many decades, which had a positive side effect of minimizing my spending. I had saved so much money being alone that I could easily retire early. I bought some land in the country and built my own house. Really! I built it myself! I worked naked most of the time and that made the labor so much easier.

Now I’m 54, living alone and naked in the country 24 hours a day / 7 days a week except when I have to go for groceries or visit with a friend or family. I’ve achieved my life goal of being naked all the time. I have to say that it is just the best thing ever. Being naked all the time is just normal for me now.

My only regret is that I have nobody with whom to share the awesomeness. Friends who may visit may be OK with my lifestyle but they won’t join in even though nobody can see us. With some friends, I have to put on at least some shorts or they will not visit. It sucks but I can deal with it for a short time.

Still, I would rather be naked and alone than to have to put on any clothing for extended periods of time. I just can’t stand the feel of being unnecessarily bound around the waist and chest. Short shorts and tank tops are all I can force myself to wear when out in public and they come off immediately when I get home.

I am obviously massively addicted to being naked and I don’t know what to do or whether I should even do something about it. I could force myself to wear clothing and mix with the general public in order to find friendship/love and all that but the chances of finding someone else who properly appreciates the awesomeness of being naked are infinitely small to the point of wasting my valuable time.

I am happy to be at home, alone, naked. I read, watch TV, work on projects, gardening, and just overall appreciate life and comfort. I’m not even sure that I want anyone to ruin that for me in any way. It’s a constant battle between happy, naked, solitude and the nature of all humans to be social.

The logical side of me says, “Dude. Just stay here and be happy. It’s good!”

The human side of me says, “Dude. You’re wasting all this awesomeness on just yourself.”

I feel as if I am caught between a rock and a hard place. I’m happy but alone. I’m alone but I’m not sure that I’m lonely. I keep saying to myself that I’m lonely but when I think about it; I’m not. Does that make any sense?

Sorry for all the words but it had to be said. I know I’ve gone to the extreme, but I tend to do that when I put my mind to something. It gets things done. How many people accomplish their life goal?

Is anyone else addicted to nudism to such a degree? Do you think I should change? Please share your positive thoughts on this matter. Please keep negative thoughts to yourself. Thanks!