Some men may find it a rare treat to be able to get naked with others. Vacations are usually when people drop their drawers to swim or visit a naturist resort. However, why does it have to be a rare occasion? We found this article, “Living Naked Daily” on, which shares ways to get naked more often.

I am often asked if it is possible to live naked daily. Unless you live all year round in a naturist center, the question is not incongruous. It is also not trivial in terms of its consequences, because, the world outside our home is not naturist and may not be welcoming to nudity. However, living naked on a daily basis is a possibility, and minimizing your dressed periods to the strict minimum is doable. Here are the ideas that I implement and that you can in turn make your own.

The House Is a Naturist Area:

This is the first place for a naturist who wants to enjoy the comfort of nudity on a daily basis. Your home is often the place where you can experience simple nudity with confidence. You get used to walking around naked. We reclaim this body that society forces us to hide under clothes – and some sexualize – by showing a piece of skin. Living naked at home, at least at first, is a reappropriation of our simplest being.

Naked, you can also see yourself in mirrors, in the reflections of a window or a shiny surface. This body often surprises us. We also see its flaws, the ones we liked to ignore. Living naked is a bit like cleaning up the Augean stables. Accept our scars as traces on our life path. Living naked at home means finding comfort and a freedom that children know well without being aware of it. Living naked at home is to bring to the surface a portion of our carelessness.

Some put a sign at the entrance. A funny reminder for some, injunction for others, the message is simple and can help to launch the debate on naturism.

But what if you live in a cold house or if, in winter, you don’t want to overheat for obvious ecological reasons? A bathrobe and a pair of slippers will suit the naturist. And then, it is important to accept that the garment must regain its primary function, which is to protect us. Let’s not become fundamentalists of naturism, but let’s take every comfortable opportunity to ditch our clothes.

Nature is Naturist:

What could be nicer than swimming naked in a lake or river on a hot summer day? Naturism derives part of its benefits from respect for nature and our environment. Nature and naturism go hand in hand. An animal, a forest, a mountain will have no problem with your nakedness. It only shocks the one who considers it shocking.

A walk in the forest or in the mountains is naturist, that is to say, can be practiced naked. A day at the beach is naturist, that is, can be spent naked. I always thought nature called for nudity. By discovering naked hiking, this fact became obvious. Undressing in the fresh air, at the beach, in the forest, in the mountains, becomes commonplace when nudity becomes our new normal.

You want to give it a try, but don’t dare? Here is a little tip. On a day when you are planning a hike and have a chance to have a swim in a lake or river, do not take a bathing suit. Once on the banks, propose to skinny dip and stay naked to dry yourself. This little trick helps introduce naturism to friends and demystifies social nudity. It takes a bit of courage the first time, but when you realize that everything is going well, nudity becomes a habit.

Another way to experience nudity outdoors is to join a group of naked hikers. Surrounded by experienced naturists, your initiation will take place in good conditions and you will discover a New World.

Millions of Naturists:

If living naked is an idea that stirs your mind, realize that you are not alone. There are millions of naturists around the world. Some are only naturist on vacation, others throughout the year. The reason is simple: nudity is comfortable, healthy and natural.

It reminds me of my discovery of naked hiking. I had started hiking naked alone and was questioning this practice. And then one day, I found out that there were other naked hikers, as well as groups. There was also a book on naked hiking.

It goes with hiking like many other naturist activities. We are millions to live and share our naturism. Many readers of this blog are naturists who live naked whenever possible. Explaining this reality to textiles is a difficult task, but necessary to legitimize this magnificent lifestyle that is naturism. Living naked is not an aspiration shared by all naturists. However, to try is often to adopt, without looking back, as the physical, psychological and emotional comforts prevail.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!