Co-founder Dave interviews Bruce, a true renaissance man. A former policeman in New Zealand, he later began a career as a fisherman, and operates an emergency aid service, too. Bruce owns two fishing boats, loves jewelry (specifically, diamonds), and recently completed his second trip with Everything To Sea.

Hi Bruce! We’re so happy to have you back with us! The first Everything To Sea trip you took was The Spectacular Naked Sail in 2022. And now, you’re on The Naked Paradise Villa. Tell me, what do you pack in your suitcase when you take a naked vacation?

Bruce: Far too much (laughs). I like to prepare my bag about two weeks beforehand. I pack my suitcase, and then I worry for 14 days about what I’ve packed. Then I take as much out of it as I can.

Ah, the paradox of naked travel! What’s your favorite way to spend a day? Like, what do you do? And especially – do you get naked when you’re doing it?

Bruce: Where I live back home, being naked’s not really an option. I certainly sunbathe in my backyard naked. I enjoy the sun, and I enjoy the freedom. But otherwise, I go to a swimming pool. I’ll wear my speedos and chill out there. There’s a great cafe there, so I’ll have some nice coffee and enjoy myself that way.

You like to be seen in your Speedos?

Bruce: Probably secretly, if I’m honest, deep down… yeah, I do.

Ohhhhh… we like going deep down.

Bruce Yeah, I do too!

It’s always good to go deep – and always good to go down, too. Go deep down with me, Bruce… tell me about your experience with nudism.

Bruce: Limited before I, uh, before I began my experiences with Everything To Sea. There was the usual gay saunas and stuff like that, where being naked was de rigueur. But otherwise, no.

So like otherwise, in your previous history, you hadn’t really been naked with more than one person at a time.

Bruce: Correct.

Gotcha. Bruce, I know that you’re very generous. Can I ask… what was the last gift that you gave somebody? Would you say you’re a gift-giving guy?

Bruce: Yeah. I have definitely given some gifts. While I’ve been here this trip, I’ve given some gifts in recognition of the last trip I had on the boat. I prepared some gifts for the crew. I think it’s important to recognize and make people feel good. And you just don’t have to make them feel good sexually. You can make them feel good emotionally, too.

Awesome! Wait – so you’ve given some gifts sexually too?

Bruce: On this trip?


Bruce: No, not in this environment. But yes, I have.

Okay, that answer has me confused. I could ask you a million questions on it, but perhaps I should go in another direction: Aside from hanging out on boats and in villas, what do you like to do? (laughs)

Bruce: That’s such a wonderful question (raucous laughter)

That’s such a wonderful answer right there!  More specifically, what activity instantly calms you down?

Bruce Listening to chill music. Like, you know, music for meditation, or Tibetan bells, or rainforest music. Also that raining-on-the-roof music. When I get really, really wound up, on it goes.

Oh, I see. So you like… natural sounds?

Bruce: Yeah, yeah. And I make the conscious decision then, to take a little bit of time out. Hey, do you know when something makes you really, really angry, you get what’s called the red mist – it goes over your eyes. It’s like, a veil of red comes down. And then it’s really difficult to control your anger afterwards.

Oh no, that happened on this trip?

Bruce: No, no, never.

Phew, you had me worried for a second. I remember you booked your first Everything To See trip and then Covid came, so you had to change the dates a few times. Glad no red mist came then! Tell me something… why did you choose to travel with us in the first place?

Bruce: Oh, that’s a really interesting question. I’m glad you asked it. I was looking in New Zealand, prior to the pandemic, for a naked holiday. I felt that would be really liberating for me. But I couldn’t find anything at all. There was a journalist in New Zealand who was promoting gay holidays, so I rang them up. We were talking about holiday options, and I said, hey what about this, this company Everything To Sea? And he said, “I don’t know anything about them. But I’d be really interested to have some feedback.”

I made the necessary inquiries, and then I made the booking. And then bang, along comes Covid, and things completely shut down. Particularly from where I’m from, from New Zealand, the government just isolated everybody. You couldn’t travel. You couldn’t leave New Zealand, and if you were overseas, you couldn’t get back to New Zealand. It all came to a complete stop – and that was right in the middle of when my booking was. I spoke with you and with Max about how best to solve the problem. And, you guys didn’t look for anything other than to solve the problem… to make it right, to see how we could make it work. That was a really positive sign. So I came on the boat trip.

Great that you did! Um, you mentioned a journalist and giving feedback to him…?

Bruce: Yes… that was disappointing. When I did want to give him feedback, he wasn’t that interested anymore. It was just sort of “fill out a form”, you know, and that’s not what I expected.

You wanted something more… connected?

Bruce: Yeah, like a conversation. Yeah.

I totally get that. Speaking of having connected conversations: you’ve just completed your second Everything To Sea trip. What motivates you to continue travelling with us?

Bruce: I don’t feel like just a bloody client. I feel part of a family, I feel the absolute passion, by the principals of the company, to make the holiday memorable. And to me, that means everything. That’s why I’ll continue to support the company for as long as I can. Interestingly, on this particular journey, I met somebody in Bali, where I was staying prior to joining the group, and I gave him the website to go and have a look and said, “This is the tour of tours, you have to do it.” Subsequently he made an inquiry, and is probably coming on a journey with you guys.

That’s so great, thank you! Bruce, I have a million questions. Where should I start… I guess, I’ll start with the main one: Um, did you have sex with him? (laughs)

Bruce: No. No, somebody else.

But seriously Bruce, what you did was lovely. That’s really nice of you.

Bruce: It’s just an endorsement of the company’s philosophy, and the way Everything To Sea treats its clients.

Thank you.

Bruce: You know, I don’t feel like a client with you guys. I almost feel like my individual journey is the most important thing on the company’s mind. And even though there might be lots of other people, you still get the feeling that you are the most important person at that particular moment in time, to have that particular experience. 

Bruce! You’ve just made my day.

Bruce: Have I really?

Yeah, well, let’s say…

Bruce: I think you’re gonna cum in a minute, if you carry on… if I keep making the day!

Hell, yeah! I think you could “make my day” here. But we can talk about that later. (Dave adjusts himself) So, Bruce… you chose us. Tell me – what was the most interesting thing that you saw on this trip?

Bruce: I loved the whitewater rafting. But really, there were many things. How can you try to find “the most”? It’s like, which child is your favorite? You say, well, I don’t have a favorite one. I love them all equally. That’s like this trip. I mean, each activity I chose stimulated some sort of interest that I have. Because I was offered choices every day, of which activities I wanted to do. If you choose what stimulates you, and your expectations are met, then you really don’t have a favorite. They’re all part of the whole experience.

That’s really cool. Your first Everything To Sea trip was a sailing adventure. Looking back on that, do you remember if you had any fears or concerns before going?

Bruce: Well, I’m not a strong swimmer. I have a maritime background… I was a skipper on a fishing trawler… so it’s not like I’m scared of the sea. I love the sea. I respect the sea. But, I’m not a strong swimmer. So the idea of jumping into the water and communing with a manta ray or, or checking out a turtle… I was a little anxious about it. The staff though – they were absolutely brilliant. And as long as you’re honest with them about your capabilities, they make that work. For example – there was a cave where we climbed down some stairs, there was this beautiful, clear water inside the cave. You could swim around and have a look at the ceiling and all the rest of it. I thought I couldn’t do that, because I wasn’t a strong enough swimmer. Max came along and said, “Bruce, get in, and turn over. I’m going to have you float on your back… I’m going to take you out.” And that’s exactly what happened. It’s another example of the staff knowing what your capabilities are. They know you’re already giving of yourself to go there and overcome a few fears, and they want to make it happen. And for that, I was truly grateful.

That’s really good. 

Bruce: You know, I can vividly remember the activities on each day of this trip. And they were all really special. Yesterday, for example, we went to a silversmith’s workshop. It was an absolutely special day. I had some concepts in my head, that were transformed from ideas to raw materials to a raw piece, and then finally polished till I created a stunning work of jewelry. You know, what more can you ask? And then I looked at other people’s creations as well. I was honestly amazed at what we’d all done.

Did you make the spirit animal you showed me beforehand?

Bruce: Yes, I did. I got my elephant!

I remember you showed me the different styles you were considering…

Bruce: Yeah, I made the middle one – it was the stylized elephant design.

I’d love to see it before you go…

Bruce: Yeah, sure.

Can’t believe you didn’t make a cock ring for me though (laughs). Bruce, why did you decide to go with Everything To Sea, as opposed to other choices? I mean, you wanted to have an all male experience. Ultimately, why did you pick us?

Bruce: Ah, look, I think it was pure luck that I got exposed to the company the first time round. And then there was the talking to the Everything To Sea staff. It was simple – I got good vibes. Vibes that you were good people. 

Wow. Cool, because we didn’t meet face to face. We hadn’t met at that point. Yeah, cool. Thank you!

Bruce: Yeah, it’s been an absolute pleasure. And I sincerely believe it. I mean, hopefully you can tell with the passion that I’m speaking that, you know, this is not, I’m not blowing smoke up your ass, or puffery or anything like that. I truly believe it.

Hmmm, I wouldn’t mind a little smoke blown in my ass. But just the physical part of it…. (smiles devilishly at Bruce). Yeah, of course, your passion is there. You’re there. You’re very solid. I love that. Really.. You’re very genuine. And I know you’ve just shared some of your very personal thoughts with us. Like, this is not easy to do. I mean, some of my questions are wacky, but aside from that, it’s not an easy thing to be honest and vulnerable. So thanks for doing that.

Bruce: Absolute pleasure.

Is there anything else you want to add to?

Bruce: I really like the feeling of being part of the group. One thing that stands out – I got a lot of pleasure from the barbecue. I liked jumping up and helping as the barbecue was firing up. The corn was cooking, the rest of it was going, people were busy. And there was a need for somebody to sit on the end of the barbecue and flip the patties. And I just did it. I wasn’t asked to do it, but I thought, why not? I flip patties at home on a barbecue, you know, three times a week. Why can’t I do that? So I did. And that felt good to join in. It felt really good.

That was one of the first times I think I interacted with you directly. And I remember thinking holy shit, this is so natural. Like, it’s just sort of flowing. Yeah, it’s like family and friends, as opposed to “we’re putting on a full on meal for people”. It was something else… it didn’t feel that way. And you were the one who actually helped us cross that line and made it work. I didn’t even talk with Max about it, but I remember thinking at that moment, we were really all together. It felt like true camaraderie. It felt like we were, we were just all enjoying each other.

Bruce: The other thing I noticed as well on your trips – dare I say it – is the rich tapestry of clientele that you have. I mean, you can meet people who are CEOs of multimillion dollar companies who are funny and witty and down to earth, as well as guys who are electricians and tradespeople, you know – there’s a wonderful mix of people you meet on Everything To Sea trips. It doesn’t matter whether you’re tall or short, slim or fat, big cock, small cock, guys are on equal par. There is no body shaming, there is just genuine acceptance to make you feel welcome. I love it and I respect it.

Thank you! That is really great. Again, another thing I personally love hearing, because that’s one of our objectives. And just to have somebody like you recognize it and be able to put it into words like that is really… that’s what we’re striving for. So, success. Yay. Thank you, Bruce.

Bruce: It’s a pleasure. And I look forward to my journey with this company again in the future.. With better health, hopefully.

Yes, I know. Your health is compromised… and you’re dealing with some serious shit. When will you know more, babe?

Bruce: When I get to within a year, I should know more of what’s going on.

But you’re going in for regular checkups…

Bruce: Every three months.

Okay, so when is your next one?

Bruce: When I get back home. I’ve got another one coming up. It’ll be interesting to see whether there’s been any change as a result of this lifestyle that I’ve enjoyed for the last week. Fresh fruit, good sleeping. Plenty of sleep.

Do you really think that you’re changing your lifestyle?

Bruce: Yeah, absolutely. I have a 24 hour emergency service business now, with people ringing me up at short notice. Every day, I have people booking and wanting me. And I want to make sure clients get good service… So yeah, it’s very stressful.

I see. So on our trips, you’ve been relieved of that?

Bruce: Yep. And in fact, interestingly enough, when I came back from my first trip – your boat trip – people were amazed at the difference in me. They said, “Oh my god, Bruce, you’re so relaxed. You’ve changed so much.” And I’m not talking about one person. I’m talking about a circle of friends who said stuff like that.

Maybe it’s nudity! Maybe nudity suits you.

Bruce: Yes, I think so. It’s certainly been a pleasure.

Well, we certainly hope to see you back soon. I don’t know when that will be for you. But yeah, keep making trip plans. It’s a fact – planning exciting travel, and the anticipation of it has positive results, too!