Our guest blogger is Tyler the Bad Wolf. He’s a writer, elite male companion, and all-around penis enthusiast. Badwolf.blog is a collection of his thoughts on male sexuality, pornography, art, and sexual health. In these two posts taken from Tyler’s glossary about male masturbation culture, he talks about dicks, concepts around them, and being proud of what you have. Happy reading!

Penis Pride

In a lot of ways, this is a bedrock idea for my blog. Being able to talk about our bodies, our genitals, and our experiences with sexual pleasure is crucial to destigmatizing and normalizing all of those things. When we use penis pride here we mean the overall state or concept of being proud of and comfortable with the size, shape, and function of one’s genitals, irrespective of relative size, intact status, ethnicity, or perceived flaws.

Penis pride is not to be conflated with gay pride or male pride, or even the idea of pridefulness as boastful or conceited (it’s not penis arrogance).

Having and sharing penis pride has everything to do with the genuine, internally-felt comfort the possessor has about his relationship with his body. Even the smallest dicks in the world can be imbued with penis pride, if they are loved and shown love by the men attached to them. When I say “I love your penis,” I mean it! You are worthy of love.

Be proud of what you have. It is amazing and you are lucky! Show it, share it, and learn about how your own penis connects you to all of us.

Penis (Capital P)

Distinct from the anatomical structure of the penis, is the idea of Penis, which we will indicate here with a capital-P.

Penis can be thought of as the cosmic connector of maleness; the conduit to our primal self and our place in the universe. Capital-P Penis is a concept which defies orientation and labeling, as it relates purely to the experience of having a penis and employing it as a sensory input mechanism akin to fingertips, noses, and eyes. Penis can be rephrased as one’s sense of Penis.

The idea of Penis is often what is being invoked with penisbabble about “dong” and “penis” or “fukkin penis,” which features in a lot of (mastur)bator media. This kind of trance-like speak is a recognition of the primal maleness and lust associated with penile stimulation and masturbation. It isn’t structured prayer, as such, but it is a naming of the beast in a way. And it is a calling to the unifying spirit of male penile pleasure and experience. We are all in the know, as it were, of the sensations and emotional opening of Penis. We share that. That is our brotherhood.

Penis is our sameness, manifested.